Getting my wisdom teeth out

Surprisingly, I wasn’t very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out until the car ride there. That was probably because I’ve gotten some teeth pulled out when I was 12 and I didn’t know if it was going to be equally painful or worse (I think it was worse). But yeah, I wasn’t too nervous so that’s good!

My appointment was at 9:30 a.m. but I managed to arrive at 9:00. I filled out some paper work work and made it into the operating room by 9:15.

One of the assistant ladies brought me into the room, put a bib and a blanket on me and then put a mask on me and said, “This is oxygen”. (Yeah, right). At first I didn’t remember ever seeing the actual doctor, but now that I think about it, I remember him coming in and stabbing me with the IV.  He did that and then told me that he was going to give me some antibiotics to avoid discomfort because apparently it’s going to “feel like I just sat on a bunch of fire ants” but I don’t remember ever feeling like that. I was wondering why he never gave me the anitbiotics but I guess he might have given  them to me through the tubes in my vein.

The doctor asked me how my weekend was and I told him about how I worked all weekend. I was telling him about Tokyo Crepes. He asked me if it was a family owned business and I said “no”. He then asked me what kind of crepes I make. I told him about how there are sweet crepes and savory ones. I remember saying  I make dessert crepes as well as chicken crepes. I think he left the room and the assistant lady came up to me and looked at the object that was pinching my thumb. She said, “Are you okay?” and I said “yeah”. That’s all I remember.

I remember waking up at some point with several people in the room and the doctor said,” We just took all four out”. I was so confused.

I woke up at another point and the assistant was the only other person in the room and she started taking the blanket and bib off of me. (Just kidding. My mom says the doctor was there too). The mask was already off and I guess there was gauze in my mouth. I can’t remember if I said this before or after the surgery but I pointed at the bags of fluids with the tubes that were connected to me and I asked what those were but I can’t seem to remember what the reply was. My mother came into the room and I don’t remember anything that was said. The assistant helped walk me out of the building and off to the car we went.

I was really hoping I would be kind of loopy so I could make a viral video since my sister had a video camera set up in the car but I think I was just acting like my normal self. My mom seems to think I was loopy, though.


Being 20.

So I just turned 20 today. I gotta say, it feels really weird. I mean, of course, I feel the same as I did yesterday but the whole idea of me being 20 years old is just a little bit mind boggling. That’s 2 decades. 20 whole years on this earth. 20 may not seem like a big birthday for most people because it’s not like it’s 21 or 18 but it does mark the end of being a teenager and the beginning of being an adult. I just remember when I was little and I would think of people who were 20. I would just be like “wow, those people are old. Those are grown-ups.” I definitely don’t consider myself a grown-up. It’s just weird because most people at my age are so ready to be grown up but all I can think of is bills, jobs, families, etc. When you think of your 20’s, you think of graduating college, starting a career, buying your own place, getting married, having children and I’m just like woah, not today. I only have less than a year and a half of college left and then what? The rest of my life starts, I guess. The really weird part is that I’m excited and weirded out at the same time. I’m excited to get my own place. I’m excited to start working in the media, on television. I’m in my 20’s. I’m an adult (not really). This is where it starts. I’m just really excited cause now I can be like, “look at those teenagers over there, those hooligans.” ❤

Zayn Malik quits world tour

Zayn Malik quit the On the Road Again world tour after being accused of cheating on fiancee, Perrie Edwards. After being seen leaving a night club in Phucket with a mystery girl, rumors surfaced about the singer cheating.

The woman has been identified as Lauren Richardson, a blonde with tattoos. Her relationship to Malik has not been identified, whether she is just a fan or if she is acquainted with Malik.

What's going on? The pair held hands outside the nightclub Seduction in Phuket, causing fans to launch into a Twitter meltdown 

Perrie Edwards, obviously has nothing to worry about. Zayn took to Twitter after the accusations came up.

If Zayn Malik was cheating on Perrie Edwards, he would have been more secretive about it. He would not be out in public holding hands with a random girl.

This, along with being a member of one of the most popular boy bands of all time, is a lot to take for just one person. Malik has signed off of the world tour due to stress. He is going back home to take some much needed time off for himself.

Although many fans may be upset that they paid to see One Direction and are only going to be seeing 4 out of the 5 members, it is not too much to worry about. Malik will only be missing the next 3 shows. He should be returning to the tour for their show in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 28th but it has not yet been confirmed.

As for Malik and his fiancee, they are still together and the wedding is still on. They are not rushing into the wedding and they plan to have the ceremony when their lives are less hectic and when they are ready to settle down.

Kim K or Draco Malfoy?

Kim Kardashian just went platinum blonde. I, personally, think she is looking FIERCE and I am not just saying that because I am obsessed with the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. She posted this pic to the internet.

Harry Potter star, Tom Felton took to Instagram to share his opinion on Kim’s new do and the internet is eating that post up wondering who wore it best.

So apparently Kanye has a Draco fetish….#muse

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What do you think?

Cupcake in a jar

What’s better than a cupcake? A cupcake in a jar! Basically, anything in a mason jar is better. Key word is “basically”. But you know, it’s fun to be basic sometimes. All the cute things are apparently “basic”. So why … Continue reading

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is dominating all social media right now. It’s purpose is to spread awareness about ALS. I’m pretty sure everyone is aware by now but watch as Melly and I take on the Ice Bucket Challenge. You can help by donating here or doing the Ice Bucket Challenge yourself! 🙂 btw. Ariana Grande has been nominated by like 10 billion different people. IT’S HER TIME! ❤ 🙂