ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is dominating all social media right now. It’s purpose is to spread awareness about ALS. I’m pretty sure everyone is aware by now but watch as Melly and I take on the Ice Bucket Challenge. You can help by donating here or doing the Ice Bucket Challenge yourself! :) btw. Ariana Grande has been nominated by like 10 billion different people. IT’S HER TIME! <3 :)

Drew Chadwick Leaves Emblem3




Did you hear that? That was the sound of millions of teenage hearts breaking as the news spread throughout Twitter. It was just a few years ago that we first saw Emblem3 auditioning for the X Factor. Emblem3 has announced on a tweet today that the band will be splitting as Drew Chadwick pursues a solo career. This does not mean an end for the Stromberg brothers though. The band explained that Wes and Keaton started the band when they were kids and will continue to make music and go on tour without Drew. They may not be Emblem3 anymore but they will all continue to be friends and they wish Drew the best in his new career as a solo artist.


Hilary Duff Is Back At It!

imageHilary Duff is making a comeback! #YAASSS. I’m super excited! If only y’all knew how big of a Hilary Duff fan I was back in her Lizzie McGuire days! Duff will be starring in a new show called Younger. She will be playing a young Publishing Exec named Kelsey. What a great name! Check it out on TV Land this fall! Besides acting, Hilary is also working on a new album!! This calls for another #YAAAASSS


Watch the trailer here!

Katy Perry and Diplo in Jamaica alert! Couple alert! Katy Perry is vacationing in Jamaica at the moment and so is… Diplo?? Whaaaa? Yup, both Katy and Diplo have posted pics on instagram of the cozy vacay. And what is that? I SPY THE SAME ORANGEY/RED PRINTED HAMMOCK. Which could only mean they’re on vacation TOGETHER! Does this mean they are dating? Hmmm. Diplo apparently deleted the picture from instagram soon after. Either way, it looks fun! rs_600x600-140609041054-600.Katy-Perry-Insta-jmd-060914_copy